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ABOUT Aquila

Meet Aquila Bergstrom, an intrepid explorer, passionate archaeologist, sailor, and storyteller dedicated to making history fascinating and sharing the rich tapestry of cultural and historical truths with the world. 

Her insatiable curiosity has driven her to unearth the past, revealing the captivating stories of our ancestors. As a female archaeologist, she believes that history is not static; it's a living, breathing narrative connecting us to our roots. Her mission is to breathe life into history.

Sailing is one of her great passions, offering her a unique perspective on the interconnectedness of our world. Exploring the sometimes serene untouched beauty of coral reefs or traversing vast oceans has exposed her to a myriad of coastal cultures, enriching her understanding of history and human interactions.

Our explorer's true adventure lies in her evergrowing 62-country exploration over the past 11 years, with her most fond journeys being primarily by sailboat. She recently learned to fly to make it easier to reach remote, untouched destinations and cultures and, therefore live out her childhood dream. Her goal is to share the untold stories of these lesser-known places or misunderstood histories with the world and to share the experience of the planning and the journey involved in reaching these locations by boat or in a tiny Cessna 172 aircraft.

She is committed to breaking down the barriers that often separate people from genuinely understanding history.

Through immersive storytelling and educational documentation and blog posts, she aims to reignite historical interest and promote empathy, tolerance, and an appreciation for cultural diversity.

Join this intrepid explorer on her exhilarating journey as she brings history to life and celebrates the diverse tapestry of human experiences from across the globe.


- Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations Mj. Events       
   Management and Journalism

- Honours Degree in Anthropology

- Soon to commence a Masters in Philosophy        (Archaeology/ Egyptology)
- Private Pilots Licence (Fixed wing)

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